About the CSGSH

The Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Humanities (csgsh@mla.org)

Working through June 2023, the Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Humanities will consider a range of curricular, intellectual, and labor issues that affect master’s and doctoral students and workers in the humanities. The committee will advocate for the well-being of graduate students in all aspects of their educational and professional lives. To this end, the committee will organize convention sessions, evaluate policy, create reports on experiences and best practices, and engage in other projects that will support students while they pursue their educations, gain work experience, seek employment, and make a transition to a wide range of workplaces. The committee will also report on issues that concern graduate students to the Executive Council, the MLA staff, and other MLA committees whose work deals with activities that affect graduate students (e.g., the MLA Career Center).

Staff liaisons: Brian DeGrazia and June Di Marzo (csgsh@mla.org)

Executive Council adviser: Rebecca Colesworthy

Gabriel Edzordzi Agbozo, 2019–22
Mario De Grandis, 2020–23
Nina Ellis, 2021–24 2024
Viana Hara, 2020–23; 2021–23 (Coch.)
Kay Sohini Kumar, 2021–24 2024
Thais Rutledge, 2021–24 2024
Didem Uca, 2019–22; 2020–22 (Coch.)
Ariadne Wolf, 2019–22