About the CSGSP

The Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Profession

Function: Working through June 2018, will consider a range of curricular, intellectual, and professional issues that affect graduate students in language and literature; will consider publication and other projects that will assist graduate students while they pursue their education, gain experience as teachers, seek employment, and make a transition to the workplace; will bring issues that concern graduate students to the attention of the staff, the Executive Council, and other MLA committees.

Staff liaisons: Dennis Looney and Doug Steward

Ryan Calabretta-Sajder, 2013–17
Barbra Chin, 2016-19
Lisa M. Chinn, 2015–18 (Co-chair)
Geffrey Davis, 2013–16
Caroline Rose Egan, 2014–17 (Co-chair)
Meredith Farmer, 2016-19
Fatma Tarlaci, 2015–18
Niko Tracksdorf, 2016-19
Christine Yao, 2015–18