Cheap eats near the convention

We know graduate students are often looking for budget-friendly meals–and for coffee! Below is a list of venues where you might have some luck.

This is not an official endorsement of any particular coffee shops or restaurants. Rather, it’s the results of some research to find the closest things to the convention that may have some options that won’t break the bank. Check out  this page for options locals recommend in the area with more details specific comments.


Blue Bottle Coffee – 10 E 53rd Street & 1 Rockefeller Plaza

Corso Coffee – 235 W 46th Street

Gregorys Coffee – 762 7th Avenue & 551 Madison Avenue

Knave at Le Parker Meridien – 118 W 57th Street (a bit pricier)

Starbucks – 1301 6th Avenue & 156 West 57th Street & 750 7th Avenue & 666 5th Avenue, 1700 Broadway & 30 Rockefeller Plaza (and more)

Food: Local Options

Barilla Restaurants Radio City – 1290 6th Avenue

–Café with pasta and other Italian dishes

Café Duke – 140 W 51st Street

–Cafeteria-style buffet & deli; billed as “global fare”

Dig Inn – 40 W 55th Street

–Seasonal & locally sourced American food (veggie emphasis)

Hallo Berlin Food Stand – 5th Avenue & E 54th Street

–Small plates; quick bites

Indiditch – 940 8th Avenue

–Fast-service Indian food; build-your-own biryani

The Little Beet – 135 West 50th Street

–Cold-pressed juices, veggie & gluten free cuisine + sweets

Food: National & Local Chains

Au Bon Pain – 1251 6th Avenue

–Counter-service café with soups, salads, sandwiches, etc.

Chipotle – 1379 6t Avenue

–Fast-food chain with design-your-own burritos, tacos, bowls

Five Guys – 43  55th Street

–Burgers, fries

Green Café – 36 E 58th Street

–Grab & go sandwiches, soups, burgers, pasta, salads, etc.

Hale and Hearty – 745 7th Avenue

–Counter service with soups, sandwiches, and salads

McDonald’s – 1651 Broadway

–Burgers, fries—you know the drill

Potbelly Sandwich Shop – 46 W 56th Street

–Made-to-order toasted sandwiches, salads, and baked goods

Wendy’s – 938 8th Avenue

–Burgers, fries, baked potatoes, chili, etc.





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