“Candid Questions” in the Graduate Student Lounge (Friday January 9)

Caroline Egan, a new member of the CSGSP who’s organizing a “Candid Questions” session for graduate students this year at MLA, writes below to tell you about the event and solicit your questions.

Candid Questions and Speed Networking event
Friday, January 9, 5:00-6:30 pm
Graduate Student Lounge (Vancouver Convention Centre 201, level 2, West Building)

Whether it’s your first or fourth time, there are many great reasons to attend the MLA as a graduate student. And no matter what stage you are at in your studies, you probably have some questions about aspects of your graduate work—your teaching experiences, your alt-ac interests, your under-review article, your partner/family situation, etc.—and how they come to bear on your program of study and professional plans. For example…

  • What should I keep in mind when applying to postdoctoral positions?
  • I’m just starting out in my graduate program—what can I do to balance my interests in academia and alt-ac careers?
  • My research has changed in the last few years—how can I narrate this for a search committee?

…and the list goes on! During the upcoming MLA, The Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Profession (CSGSP) will be offering an opportunity for graduate students to pose these and other questions to people who have insights and experiences to share.

What would you like to ask about your graduate work and career plans? Post a comment below, or send an e-mail to Caroline Egan (eganc at stanford.edu) with your question(s). Based on your input, we will do our best to have people on hand that can speak to your concerns.

So mark your calendars for January 9, 5:00-6:30 pm. Join us to discuss these questions and do some speed networking in the Graduate Student Lounge (Vancouver Convention Centre 201, level 2, West Building).



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